We just moved our wow sites to here

WoW Sites now United

If you do not notice it yet. We just molten WoW.GamersCentral.de and Dragonflight Expansion account creation to this site here.

Because of reasons we was forces to do so. So as soon as you create an account here you will have one for both versions WotLK and Dragonflight. Just keep in mind WotLK is with Username and Dragonflight is with eMail adress.


There is one disadvantage there is no more reward catelogue but for that we have our giveaway module which allows you to request exchange codes and redeem them in the game with an NPC. Please keep in mind that certain gems and levels are required on some articles before you can request a exchange code.


The ilch https://www.ilch.de/ cms we using is still in development and our modules too. We hope that further work will be carried out on our modules from time to time as they are adapted and expanded.


Enjoy you Stay



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