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Sign In with Steam

Steam Authentication available

Dear Visitor,

we are proud to announce, you now also can signin with steam.


After redirection you will have to enter a username, an email address for the community page these are also for the game account. Finally, you will need to enter a password for the Wrath of the Lich King game account and the World of Warcraft - private servers.


Enjoy you Stay


MâDmâX   08. February 2024    22:36    Site, Module    0    643
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Toplist available now

We present the: Toplist

The Module got developed by us. We hope you will enjoy it.

Please keep in mind that the Toplist is still in beta and not final. So changes can happen any time.


Good Luck for your Site.

Go to Toplist


Enjoy you Stay


MâDmâX   06. November 2023    13:28    Site, Module    0    876
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