Server Info

AzerothCore Emulator based on TrinityCore.

Server Information

WoW Version: 3.3.5a

Realmlist: or

Client Download:

3.3.5a WOTLK

Patches Download:

Custom Items Icons (

EXP Modifier (

All Races All Classes (

Chat Icons Emojis (


Login Tweaks (Store Password) (

Buy Points

Please login to purchase points Please login to purchase points Please login to purchase points

Custom World NPCs:

1vs1 Arena



City Portal Master

Code Box (Reward)

Dungeon Quest Giver (WIP)

Service (Bank, Reset Talent, Repair Items, Reset Coolown etc.)

Instance Reset

Talent/Glyph Template




Racial Trait Swap

Server Information:

Start With:

50 Start Gold

All Flight Paths

All explored Maps

36 Slot Bag

Start Gear

Server Rates:

Max. Professions: 4

Rates: 4 up to 18 + Addon for up to x3 EXP Multiplier (Check Core Tab on the Menu)

Min Petition Signs: 0

Ignore Raid Requirements: 1

Instant Flight Paths: Player can toggle instant flight off or on at each flight master

Server Modules Installed:

1vs1 Arena


Account Achievements

Account Mounts

Auto Balance

Battleground Reward

CrossFaction Battleground

Congrats on Level

World Chat replaced Chat Login

Custom Login

Duel Reset

Reward by Time Playing

Racial Trait Swap

Solo Dungeon Finder

Emblem Tranfer

Instance Reset


NPC Enchanter

NPC Buffer

NPC Professions

NPC CodeBox

NPC Beastmaster


Gain Honor Guard Kill

PVP Titles

Weekend Double EXP

Item Level Up

Skip DK Starting Area

Guild Zone System

Strarting Pet

Notify Muted

Pocket Portal

Eluna Lua Engine

Lua Scripts:

Auto Learn

EXP Modifier

Recruit a Friend

Icons World Chat