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Recruit a Friend & Get Rewarded

We Announce Recruit a Friend & Get Rewarded Programm.

  • There should be an option in the account page to determine a recruiter account. Recruiters can type .raf to find out about their account id.
  • Once connected, recruiters can summon their recruits without a limit. Abuse might lead to kicks which are logged.
  • Using the same IP for recruiter and recruit is restricted by default and also prevents teleporting and is logged.
  • Once a recruit reaches the target level of 39, their recruiter gains a reward. The default rewards are a Mini-Thor pet for the first recruit, a 36-slot bag “Foror’s Crate of Endless Resist Gear Storage” for the second recruit, the Diablos-Stone pet for the fifth recruit and a Tyrael’s Hilt pet for the 10th recruit to reach the target level of 39...
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