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Boring of low Exp Rates?

For those who want to level fast. We did setup the EXP Rate Multiplier for you.

You can choose from x1 Standard up to x3 Multiplier.

Up to level 80 within 1,5 – 2 Hours.

It only affect the Exp Rate, not the Drop Rate.

You need to Download a Patch including an Addon to make it working.

As usually you can Download it from the Server Info page.


WoW Team

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1v1 Arena & 1v1 Battleground

Player vs. Player in Arena’s and Battleground’s.

The queue has been optimized. You should be able to make solo battlegrounds and arena with someone else.


WoW Team

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Join World Chat

A World Chat with some very nice features.

1 – You can ping a player in the following way: @PlayerName, so you will send the name of the player in the Chat, his name is clickable and you will have access to the same options as usual.

2 – You can send emoticons in the chat in the following way: :EmoticonName:, so you will send a nice little image that corresponds to the emoticon.

3 – You can send a pre-recorded joke, straight inspired from Overwatch, when you send “#gg”, a random phrase will be sent in the World Chat. And finally to talk in World Chat it’s very simple, you do “/join world” and World Chat is active so when you talk in /world you will send a message to all players.

The part that runs the world is not finished yet, let’s say it’s a beta, so if you...

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Hello AzerothCore WOTLK Emu!

Welcome to our new AzerothCore WOTLK Emulator Project.

We decide to renew our International World of Warcraft project with a new Core. Because of the reason, there are many modules for AzerothCore and we just need to implant them from time to time. We hope we can have you on board with us and see how the server make progress on developing.

At start you will get 50 Start Gold. All Flight Paths. And all explored Maps.

You can have max. Professions of 4. And you do not need a petetion sign if you want to create a guild.

We hope you will find joy while playing at our WOTLK Core.

If you have question or suggestions, please join our TS Server: or Discord:

See you around and enjoy your day.


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