Join World Chat

A World Chat with some very nice features.

1 – You can ping a player in the following way: @PlayerName, so you will send the name of the player in the Chat, his name is clickable and you will have access to the same options as usual.

2 – You can send emoticons in the chat in the following way: :EmoticonName:, so you will send a nice little image that corresponds to the emoticon.

3 – You can send a pre-recorded joke, straight inspired from Overwatch, when you send “#gg”, a random phrase will be sent in the World Chat. And finally to talk in World Chat it’s very simple, you do “/join world” and World Chat is active so when you talk in /world you will send a message to all players.

The part that runs the world is not finished yet, let’s say it’s a beta, so if you create a custom channel whatever its name, you will still send messages in the world. (/join blabla works just as well).

Download the Patch file from our Shop.


WoW Team

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