Recruit a Friend & Get Rewarded

We Announce Recruit a Friend & Get Rewarded Programm.

  • There should be an option in the account page to determine a recruiter account. Recruiters can type .raf to find out about their account id.
  • Once connected, recruiters can summon their recruits without a limit. Abuse might lead to kicks which are logged.
  • Using the same IP for recruiter and recruit is restricted by default and also prevents teleporting and is logged.
  • Once a recruit reaches the target level of 39, their recruiter gains a reward. The default rewards are a Mini-Thor pet for the first recruit, a 36-slot bag “Foror’s Crate of Endless Resist Gear Storage” for the second recruit, the Diablos-Stone pet for the fifth recruit and a Tyrael’s Hilt pet for the 10th recruit to reach the target level of 39. For the 4th recruit, the 6th – 9th recruit and any recruit past 10, the recruiter will receive a set of 4 stacks of potions/elixirs.
  • If the recruit fails to reach level 39 within 30 days, the RAF-link is removed at the next login.
  • If the recruit and the recruiter share an IP, they receive a warning that “possible abuse was logged” at login. If they share an IP while trying to summon, the summoning is blocked and they also see the “possible abuse was logged” message.

We hope you have joy playing at our WOTLK Server. New? There are many features implanted, come check it out.


WoW Team

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